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Wonderbook Walking With Dinosaurs

Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs features multiple activities across five chapters, each of which is split into two sections, with each section involving a full "read" of the Wonderbook. Each chapter takes place at a different dig site, and begins with the player using the PlayStation Move controller to simulate different tools, with the goal of excavating the skeletal remains of a dinosaur, then using them to reconstruct the beast. From there, activities include battles between dinosaurs and mating rituals, where the Move controller is used to simulate movement and actions; using the Move controller as an X-ray torch to scan dinosaurs and explore their skeletons and organs, and balancing the weight of dinosaurs using different vehicles, among other activities.

Wonderbook Walking With Dinosaurs

The camera zooms out, showing the player within a window. The controller turns into the gripper tool and is used to select plants and feed herbivorous dinosaurs. The player wins a gold medal if the player feeds the dinosaur that wants to be fed with the correct plant.

Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs is a very fun and interactive way to learn about dinosaurs. The activities are fast-paced and diverse, and the game lingers on each only long enough for players to try something new -- such as feeding a dinosaur or roaring to attract a potential mate -- and to learn a couple of cool facts. Then it's time to move on to the next one.

To date, there aren't many Wonderbook games out there. As such, the only game I can reasonably compare this to is Book of Spells - but with dinosaurs instead of wizards. Over the course of the game, you dig up bones, x-ray and weigh creatures (not to mention examining their droppings), battle carnivores, run from hazards, woo lady dinosaurs, and play Where's Waldo with prehistoric fish and insects. And lest I forget to mention and get called out for it - yes, you will be required to shout at your TV several times. The game has five chapters, each of which is divided into Parts A and B - to complete the game, you'll be flipping through the Wonderbook's pages 10 times.

Travel around the globe to authentic paleontological dig sites to excavate fossils that then come to life transporting you back millions of years. Follow individual dinosaurs as they struggle to live in hostile landscapes filled with predators, prey and natural disasters.

Based around the BBC TV show of the same name, the game follows the story of two of the characters from the film - Juniper and Patchi - as they make their way through the prehistoric land. Turning the pages of the book, you'll dig for fossils, examine the skeletons of dinosaurs as your Move controller turns into a handheld x-ray machine, and search the landscape looking for dinosaurs and plant life alike, in a game that mixes interactive mini-games with education - and regular quizzes to check if you've been following!

Making it seems like dinosaurs are actually moving around your living room through some fancy technology, there's a lot that children will like about Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs - but there are some things younger children may struggle with. The menu, especially, isn't as user friendly as it should be (you need to point at the screen, but there's no cursor for you to get your bearings with), and some of the hidden object style mini-games, that have you searching a scene to spot some certain types of dinosaurs can be rather tricky for younger children, as the dinosaurs are small and there's no way of zooming in. Parents may also want to keep in mind that kids will be required to yell in order to achieve certain goals during the game, as they're encouraged to "roar" to scare dinosaurs off, or shout out to attract another one's attention. There's no way to complete these sections by being quiet, either, as the camera will only pick you up if you're over a certain volume - so prepare for a noisy night!

Based on the BBC TV show, Walking with Dinosaurs the game contains no blood or swearing, but there are some things parents may want to keep in mind. The game makes a few references to mating, as one of the dinosaurs tries to find a lady friend, although it's all kept very much above board - as though he's looking for friendship more than anything. There is, however, some violence in a true Walking with Dinosaurs way, and some scenes which may be upsetting for children. One scene sees your dinosaur and another duking it out in a fight - but after the fight's over, the game's "bad guy" dino comes over and eats your foe. You don't see it bite the dino in game, but a picture on a card that pops up does show the bad dino with its jaw wrapped around the other one's neck. 041b061a72

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