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Watch Online Teen Thay Bhai Full Movie in Hindi HD 720p for Free

Teen Thay Bhai full movie in hindi hd 720p: A hilarious comedy of three brothers


If you are looking for a fun-filled comedy movie to watch with your family or friends, then you should definitely check out Teen Thay Bhai full movie in hindi hd 720p online. Teen Thay Bhai is a 2011 Bollywood comedy film directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and produced by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. The movie stars Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade, and Deepak Dobriyal as three estranged brothers who are forced to reunite by their grandfather's will. The movie is a laugh riot that showcases the hilarious antics and adventures of the three brothers as they try to fulfill their grandfather's wishes and mend their broken relationship.

Teen Thay Bhai full movie in hindi hd 720p

Teen Thay Bhai full movie in hindi hd 720p is available on various online platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. You can watch the movie for free or with a subscription depending on the platform. You can also download the movie from some of these platforms and watch it offline at your convenience. Teen Thay Bhai full movie in hindi hd 720p is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy and family drama.

Plot summary

Teen Thay Bhai movie revolves around the lives of three brothers who have nothing in common except their surname: Chixie. Chiksi Gill (Om Puri) is the eldest brother who runs a garment shop in Delhi. He is a miserly and greedy man who cheats his customers and exploits his employees. He is also unhappy with his wife and daughter who are fed up with his stinginess. Happy Gill (Shreyas Talpade) is the middle brother who is a struggling actor in Mumbai. He is a flamboyant and carefree man who dreams of becoming a superstar. He is also a compulsive liar who gets into trouble with his girlfriend and the underworld. Fancy Gill (Deepak Dobriyal) is the youngest brother who is a dentist in Goa. He is a shy and timid man who suffers from low self-esteem. He is also a drug addict who has a crush on his nurse.

The three brothers have not seen each other for years and have no love or respect for each other. They are brought together by their grandfather's will, which states that they have to spend three days together every year at his cabin in Kashmir until they die or else they will lose their inheritance. The cabin is located in a remote and snowy area, where they have to face harsh weather, wild animals, and local goons. The three brothers have to overcome their differences and learn to live with each other for three days. They also discover their grandfather's secrets and their own hidden talents. They realize that they have more in common than they thought and that they need each other more than they know.