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Jefferson Rodrigues
Jefferson Rodrigues


Duniya Dilwalon Ki Hindi Movie Rar

Duniya Dilwalon Ki is a 1997 Hindi movie that was a remake of the Tamil film Kadhal Desam, directed by Kathir. The movie features Vineeth, Tabu and S.P. Balasubramaniam in the lead roles, along with Abbas, Chinni Jayanth and Vadivelu in supporting roles. The movie was a musical romance that explored the theme of friendship and love among three college students from different backgrounds.

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Plot Summary

The movie revolves around three friends: Aravind (Vineeth), a rich and carefree student who loves to have fun; Thomas (Abbas), a poor and hardworking student who wants to study abroad; and Divya (Tabu), a beautiful and smart student who is the daughter of a police commissioner. The three of them meet at a college festival and become good friends. However, things get complicated when both Aravind and Thomas fall in love with Divya, who is unaware of their feelings. The movie shows how their friendship is tested by love, jealousy and misunderstandings.


Duniya Dilwalon Ki is a movie that has a lot of entertainment value, thanks to the catchy songs, the colorful visuals and the comic scenes. The movie also has a message about the importance of friendship and the value of true love. The movie has some drawbacks, such as the clichéd plot, the melodramatic climax and the lack of depth in some characters. However, the movie is still enjoyable for its youthful energy, its romantic moments and its emotional appeal.


Duniya Dilwalon Ki is a movie that can be watched for its music, its comedy and its romance. The movie is not a masterpiece, but it is a fun and feel-good movie that can make you smile. If you are looking for a Hindi movie rar that can entertain you, you can give Duniya Dilwalon Ki a try.




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