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Thanedaar Movie In Hindi 720p Download

Thanedaar Movie Review

Thanedaar is a 1990 Hindi action film directed by Raj N. Sippy and produced by Sanjay Ray and Sudhir Roy under the banner of Shiva Arts International. The film is based on the Tamil movie Anbukku Naan Adimai (1980) and features Jeetendra, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, and Jaya Prada in the lead roles. The film is perhaps most remembered for the hit song Tamma Tamma Loge and its quirky dancing moves.

The film revolves around two brothers, Avinash (Jeetendra) and Brijesh (Sanjay Dutt), who are separated in their childhood after their father, a police inspector, is killed by a ruthless gangster named Azghar Singh (Kiran Kumar). Avinash is adopted by a police commissioner and grows up to become a police officer like his father, while Brijesh is kidnapped by two criminals, Lawrence (Goga Kapoor) and Peter (Tej Sapru), who train him to become a thief. Years later, the brothers meet again on opposite sides of the law, unaware of their blood relation.

Thanedaar movie in hindi 720p download

Brijesh is assigned to rob a jewelry store by Lawrence and Peter, but he betrays them and runs away with the loot. He boards a train where he meets Avinash, who is on his way to Jalcott, a village where Azghar Singh rules with an iron fist. A fight ensues between the brothers, in which Brijesh throws Avinash off the train and escapes. He reaches Jalcott and impersonates Avinash, hoping to lay low for a while. He also meets Chanda (Madhuri Dixit), a girl who seeks his help to take revenge on Azghar Singh for killing her family.

Meanwhile, Avinash survives the fall and follows Brijesh's trail to Jalcott. He also learns that Brijesh is his long-lost brother from his tattoo. He tries to convince Brijesh to join him in fighting against Azghar Singh, but Brijesh refuses. However, Brijesh gradually changes his mind after witnessing the atrocities committed by Azghar Singh and his men. He also falls in love with Chanda and decides to protect her from Azghar Singh's lustful advances.

The situation becomes complicated when Avinash's wife Sudha (Jaya Prada) and daughter Bubbly arrive in Jalcott looking for him. Brijesh pretends to be Avinash and tries to keep them away from danger. He also faces trouble from Lawrence and Peter, who come to Jalcott to take back their money from him. Moreover, he has to deal with a mysterious masked horse-rider who always comes to his rescue whenever he is in trouble.

How will Brijesh reveal his true identity to Sudha and Chanda? How will Avinash and Brijesh unite against Azghar Singh? Who is the masked horse-rider? These are some of the questions that are answered in the climax of the film.


Thanedaar is a typical masala entertainer of the 90s that has all the ingredients of action, comedy, romance, drama, and music. The film has a fast-paced plot that keeps the audience engaged throughout. The film also has some memorable scenes and dialogues that have become popular among the fans of the genre.

The film boasts of a star-studded cast that delivers impressive performances. Jeetendra plays the role of Avinash with sincerity and conviction. He shows his versatility as an actor by portraying both the serious and comic aspects of his character. Sanjay Dutt plays the role of Brijesh with flair and charisma. He displays his talent as an action hero as well as a romantic hero. He also shares a great chemistry with Madhuri Dixit, who plays the role of Chanda with grace and elegance. She also showcases her dancing skills in the song Tamma Tamma Loge, which is one of the highlights of the film.

Jaya Prada plays the role of Sudha with dignity and poise. She adds charm and warmth to her character. Kiran Kumar plays the role of Azghar Singh with menace and intensity. He makes a formidable villain who poses a serious threat to the heroes. The supporting cast of Goga Kapoor, Tej Sapru, Satish Shah, Paintal, Sharat Saxena, and others also do a commendable job in their respective roles.

The film is directed by Raj N. Sippy, who is known for making action films like Satte Pe Satta, Inkaar, and Boxer. He handles the film with skill and expertise. He maintains a good balance between the various elements of the film and keeps the narration smooth and coherent. He also infuses a dose of humor and emotion in the film to make it more appealing to the audience.

The film is produced by Sanjay Ray and Sudhir Roy, who are also known for producing films like Aaj Ka Arjun, Humlaa, and Khoon Ka Karz. They provide a lavish production value to the film and make it look grand and glossy. The film has a rich cinematography by Anwar Siraj, who captures the scenic locations of Jalcott and the action sequences with finesse. The film has a crisp editing by Ashok Honda, who keeps the film tight and trim.

The film has a melodious music by Bappi Lahiri, who composes some catchy tunes for the film. The songs are well-written by Indeevar and Anjaan and well-sung by Amit Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Anuradha Paudwal, Mohammed Aziz, Sudesh Bhosle, and others. The songs are also well-choreographed by Saroj Khan, Chinni Prakash, and others. The songs are well-picturized on the screen and add to the entertainment quotient of the film.


Thanedaar is a fun-filled entertainer that offers a wholesome package of action, comedy, romance, drama, and music. The film has a strong star cast that delivers excellent performances. The film has a gripping plot that keeps the audience hooked till the end. The film has a superb direction that makes the film a smooth and enjoyable ride. The film has a melodious music that adds to the charm of the film. The film is a must-watch for the fans of masala movies and the fans of Jeetendra, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, and Jaya Prada.




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