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Josiah Flores
Josiah Flores

Rebecca [1080p] (2020)

I could spend $600 to upgrade my receiver and another $1000 to install ceiling mounted Atmos "top channel" speakers, $200 for the new 4K Apple TV and $2k for the Epson Home Cinema "4K" (lol) projector...and I'd then be able to start purchasing 4K content that would look a _tiny_ bit crisper. But of course the point of 4K isn't the 4K, it's the HDR and the gamut expansion to really nail the color palette, right? Ah, well HDR only really matters if you can actually effect a very bright white in contrast to a dark black, so that Epson projector won't be able to deliver a meaningful HDR experience, so I'd have to *downgrade* from my current 120" 1080p experience to, say, a 77" LG 4K OLED which - OH SHIT - costs $15k. Okay, so now I'm spending the cost of a small car to get a dramatically _smaller_ display when it's well understood that display size is effectively the primary measurement of watching satisfaction. about that wider gamut? Well it turns out that there are competing standards for that; BluRay is recorded in REC.709, _some_ BluRay UHD content will be available in the wider REC.2020, it's mastered in DCI-P3 colorspace and measured relative to Adobe sRGB. Oh and that $15k LG OLED doesn't have 100% REC.2020 coverage. What % coverage does it have? Who knows, they don't publish that. Oh, and your fancy new Apple TV 4k will emit only a fixed-rate signal and does a crappy job at mapping HDR10 content to Dolby Vision so a lot of your very expensive movies on your very expensive TVs or projectors will look bad.

Rebecca [1080p] (2020)





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