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Josiah Flores
Josiah Flores

Twinflex Pro Osp Software 14: Features, Benefits, and Installation Guide

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Twinflex Pro Osp Software 14


our software does not need to be armed before use, it is a standalone system. the twinflexpro system can also be configured in test mode allowing the user to determine any fault activity before ultimately arming it. this facility can be fully integrated with the fike controller for the separate task of arming the zone.

this versatile system has the ability to differentiate between call point or detector alarm; can accommodate a maximum of 32 devices per zone; has separate fault monitoring display for each zone; and a man walk test facility and zones that can be configured without the need to use resistors or capacitors.

to make the twinflexpro system even more flexible, fike can also provide a special input / output unit. this can be situated anywhere on the zone circuit, and is ideal for connecting to plant shutdown, door release mechanisms etc.

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