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Josiah Flores
Josiah Flores

Ios 10 Zip For Android

Version 2022.12.1 is the fourth production release of the RDSv3 format. This publication contains SQLite files, which are intended to update the SQLite database files published in first and second RDSv3 publication, RDS 2022.03.1, RDS 2022.06.1, and RDS 2022.09.1. This publication also includes four minimal database sets for modern, legacy, android and iOS. This publication is the next step in the transition away from the flat text file format of RDS 2.XX, to the SQLite database format, which includes SHA-256 hashes, while removing the CRC-32 hash, among other publication changes. The new RDSv3 format will be the only publication format released by the NSRL beginning March 2023. All production publications of the RDSv3 format may be downloaded below.

Ios 10 Zip For Android




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